The Kansas City Press Club handed out 261 awards in its 2017 Heart of America awards luncheon on June 24, 2017.

Judges picked the winners from 498 entries.

Here is a complete list of 2017 HOA winners.  It is a .csv file viewable with most spreadsheet software.  It may be somewhat difficult to navigate due to the large amount of data.  Judges’ comments are in the last column.  Please feel free to download any of the photos on this site.

The Press Club bestowed its top honor — the Lifetime Achievement Award — to Gerald Hay.  Hay is the publication officer for Johnson County, Kansas, and the managing editor of The Best Times.  His career spans decades and disciplines .

He got his start at the Olathe News, where he worked for nearly 25 years.



The Press Club also honored Bernie Rhodes a communications lawyer in the Lathrop and Gage law firm.  He has a national reputation in litagating media cases.  He conducts an annual media law seminar for the Press Club each fall.

Guest speaker for the luncheon was Fox 4’s Kathy Quinn, who anchors the station’s morning newscasts and produces a well-known weekly franchise called “Pay it Forward.”  Quinn is native of Kansas City.

Some of the winners.


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